New service to dispute inaccuracies on CA2010 Pre-Employment Screening Reports

August 3, 2010

Career Management.  It’s just not for the Wall Street-types any more.  There are now two reports that monitor the commercial motor vehicle driver:  the private one monitoring your work history and performance and the government one monitoring your safety and other violations.  Most drivers are familiar with this report commonly referred to as the “DAC report.” This data is only available from carriers who subscribe to a private database.  This subscription affords the carrier access to the data on individual drivers and allows them to also contribute data on each driver when they leave employment.  In theory it sounds good, but in reality it is fraught with inaccuracies and vindictiveness to which the driver only learns of after the fact.  The DAC report is subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which has some rules about the nature and length of time the data is available.  Now, along comes FMCSA with the government report to monitor safety and violations of carriers as well as individual drivers.  This report is comprised of seven Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvements Categories (BASICS):  Unsafe Driving; Fatigues Driving; Driver Fitness; Drugs/Alcohol; Vehicle Maintenance; Improper Loading/Cargo Issues; and Crash Indicator.  All of these are targeted against the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driver and all have mandatory citations associated with them.  Thus, career management is now more important than ever to the CMV driver.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) new initiate to focus on intervention has brought about some drastic changes to the industry and is of particular concern to drivers who were not the focus of the old system but are the key to the new system, Safety Management System (SMS).  SMS has two components:  the carrier side and the driver side.  The system has hundreds of possible violations with most being against the driver.  The system allows provides a 36-month overview of a driver’s performance and allows safety investigators to review all citations against a driver across carriers.  This may result in several any number of intervention tools, including a notice of claim or fine. has been in business for 3 years helping drivers maintain their DAC reports.  “We are very familiar with the every aspect of the DAC report and areas of most concern to the driver”, says Victor Zimmerman, President of We have been successful in cleaning up many reports so that drivers can go back to work.  As a natural extension of our services, we are moving toward providing these same services under the CSA 2010 Pre-Employment Screening Report program with the launch of   We’ve heard from drivers about carriers letting go drivers with poor safety reports in the CSA 2010 system despite the intentions of FMCSA.  One driver indicated that 150 drivers were let go from his company.  Areas of great concern are improper loading, which is weighted against flat bed drivers and vehicle maintenance, which is weighted against the company driver who has little control over the truck maintenance.  We are working to understand this new initiative and have attended FMCSA listening sessions held online and at the Louisville truck show.  We are committed to keeping the driver informed and managing disputes of inaccurate information on CSA2010 Pre-Employment Reports.” DAC Report (HireRight) and CSA2010 Pre-Employment Screening Report clean-up.

If you already know of inaccuracies on your either of these reports or have been denied unemployment, the DACfix or CSA2010fix services are each a   $189. If you aren’t sure what is on your report and you want to see what carriers are seeing on your report, have a copy of your report pulled for only $49. If inaccuracies exist, upgrade to the DACfix/CSA2010fix service for $140 more so it’s easy and cost-effective to take it a step at a time. Call us at 800-494-7517 to order now or visit us at or